Inverse Figure Ground / Photo experiment

I see this work as an attempted embodiment of Heidegger’s concept of dwelling. This embodiment can be seen throughout the project using different lenses; in content, execution, and perception. Seen through one lens it represents a personal understanding of an area through fragmented images acknowledging the nebulous way in which we perceive the interconnectedness of personally meaningful places. Through another lens it can be seen as an exercise in creating a dwelling place in the studio. The ink is on the wall, marking a territory. For the short duration that the work remains, it claims this place. In addition, the hand built nature of the work allows time for experience and memory. Thoughtful time turns into relationship, poetic inhabitation of space creates place. Seen through a final lens one can see that the work is not given to any one person as complete: it is upside down, sideways and multi-scalar. The viewing of the work demands poetic inhabitation.

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