Dundee Series – Model Making as Sketching

By considering the modelling of the area as similar to the process of sketching, where one has to look and look again at the subject matter, the process of model making can be seen as a representation of direct experience.  When making models I frequently use different materials that sit uncomfortably side by side.  This is more than purely an aesthetic decision.  By creating models without a strong pre-determined plan, the process is more akin to sketching and becomes a truthful exercise in documentation and exploration.  The slow process of model making allows for long periods of contemplation, revisiting sites over many days and constant self critique and re-evaluation of the meanings and emotions conveyed.  Different material choice and the resulting air of roughness ensures that models do not become perceived as precious artefacts that are incapable of change.  This gives a flexibility to the models, allowing change based on new observations.  In addition to this, different materials can also convey different things, more so when seen in comparison with one another.  The richness of timber and the blandness of white card push off one another and become more meaningful than if they existed only in a homogenous pristine model.



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