Bike Thoughts

A Ride to Perth, some thoughts.

03/06/10 Bike Ride to Lovers Leap.  0800 set off on bike.  Bird song but busses.  Queues of traffic.  Sun shining, calm.  Speedometer broken, no chance to race the average speed so am slowing down.  Through Invergowrie, first view of the Tay.  Into Kingoodie, curved tree lined downhill leaving the bypass behind. 0820 Kingoodie.  Old castle wall on peninsula.  Butterflies and birdsong.  Lapping waves.  Cars in distance. 0910 Through Eroll.  Flat arable fields, no fences, dozens of cows lying down.  First fields of oil seed rape this year.  Sun getting higher and insects emerge, time for sunglasses.  Realise that until today I’ve almost always been racing my average speed on speedometer.  Aware of the wind on a bike more than usual.  No noise from the bypass anymore, just occasional traffic passing by.  1100 Turned off flat roads into trees and up hills.  Dappled light from woods is pleasantly cool.  Big hill, quick rest.   Turn off onto a firetrack and upto Lovers Leap tower.   Beautiful view, lots of noise from Perth bypass.  What am I ‘making’ here?  Memories?  Cheery people say “hello” and a car gives my a beep in recognition when I let them pass.  Attitudes different here.  Am I making rootedness?  Knowing the area I live in (routedness?).  Making as experiencing, living as opposed to crafting a physical object.  1240 Back in Eroll.  Exhausted.  Not far to go now.  Thinking about heterotopia.

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